Passionate About putting your business online

My names Lloyd, and I'd like to help your business grow online. How? I hear you ask, by building a website which works across all platforms (oops jargon again - mean it will work on your mobile, and computer and look nice and be easy to use). The websites I build will get you results. 

So to learn about what I do, I want to learn about you and your business, to find our exactly what you do and what you think you're target market is. From there I can hopefully think of some ideas of what you'd like your website to do and how it will do it.

I had an IT business for 5 years and sold it to go back into construction. Websites went hand in hand with what I used to do. Providing people with support on their IT and how it is used in their business.  


  • I've created websites for people with businesses in a range of different sectors. From engineering, customer service and even recruitment companies.

  • I have built online shops, forums 

  • I offer impartial advice on websites, what works best what I would do in your shoes etc.

Why choose me?

  • Lots of free advice, do with it what you want but there aren't many people that will do this.

  • You only deal with me, not 12 people called Julie in a call centre, handy right?

  • I've been in your position before, I had a business that wasn't online. And when I did put it online it looked crap and put people off.