Social media 

Social media is massive, not just now - it always has been huge. but the way we use it is changing. Are you using the right social media for your business? What are your goals for social media and your business? do you want to drive more sales through a social media platform? or simply get more calls for appointments? Or are you considering giving away your product to influencers on a platform but not sure how to go about this? This is where Smart Up Media help, we can point you in the right direction and give you expert advice. 

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viral success

What would happen if one day you logged into your Facebook account and one of your business posts on a page went viral? Fantastic you might say, but can you handle the media storm that's coming your way? moreover how can you maximise the success from this event? Can you handle the capacity? how can I prolong the exposure from this? We can help!

is it right for me?

Ok so you use say Facebook at the moment to try and promote your business but it isn't quite working. why? you're asking yourself time and time again. Perhaps you don't fully understand your target market? for example if you sell a product aimed at businesses, why are you selling and trying to promote it on Facebook? LinkedIn would be a better alternative. Call me, email me for some free advice.

working with you

I suppose I always ask myself what I would like from this kind of service, and my answer to that is a flexible approach. I can do anything from a simple 1 hour tutorial of what you should do, to a fully managed social media package with fortnightly reports. One thing I will guarantee is unrivalled help and support to boost your business online. 

Fantastic I hear you say, Where do we go from here? Fill in the form below and I'll get back to you with some ideas. The more information you share the better and easier I can understand what it is you require, so please don't be shy.