Website design

Congratulations you've reached the website part of our page. So you'd like to know more about a website and what it can do for your business? You must have some ideas in your head of youve seen something you like on another website, keep a note of this as we can use it later. In the meantime heres list of things your website could do.  

Seasalt Menu
Leaflet style

This is the most common website and the most affordable. This type of website can be used to showcase what you do, what times your open and include photos and/or videos of your previous work. The hope is that this creates leads and is ideal for promoting on your company vehicle, business cards and at networking event.

Online Shopping
Online Shop

Online Shop. Speaks for itself really. This can be everything that the leaflet style above includes but then also can help you sell your goods or services online. Now a commmon mis conception is that this has to be a physical item. What this could be for example is a therapist selling 1 hour of their time or a personal trainer for example, again offering a 45 minute beasting for £50.

Mobile Phone
Membership style

Membership style websites are a fantastic way of adding extra value to your brand and website. For example this could be used if your a childminder, to privode a login for parents to show updates on what their child has been doing over the last week. Another way this can be benficial is for employees at any business, providing them with online resources to use once logged in through a certain page, clever right?

Now of course there a many other diffrent types of website out there, but I woudl say 99% of the time website fall into one of these three catagories. Have you seen a certain style which makes you think? oh i like that? Give me an email, fill in the form below or call or text me and I'll help you create something fantastic for your business.